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    Bringing together expert voices from government, military, legal, business and tech, CinqC's future signals shares news and views you can use with startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses around the globe.


    future signals gathers short- to mid-term (18-24 months) perspectives from our signal sources, identifies signal clusters where our experts' opinions coalesce, and highlights outlier signals that may indicate things to come or that you might need to put on your radar. The objective is to share pragmatic and practical advice along with methods you can adopt and tools to help you adapt. These are news and views you can use to create robust future businesses in our ever-evolving world. 


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  • With expert Cybersecurity signals from:

    Liisa Past
    Chief Information Security Officer at SMIT, The IT and Development Centre at The Estonian Ministry of the Interior
    Rain Ottis
    Professor of Cyber Operations at TalTech, Tallinn University of Technology
    Jesse Wojtkowiak
    Chief Information Security Officer at Pipedrive
    Mari Seeba
    Information Security Specialist at The Estonian Information Systems Authority
  • With expert Cybersecurity signals from:

    Audrey Tang
    Digital Minister of Taiwan
    Mike S. Rogers
    Former US Navy Admiral, 2nd commander of the United States Cyber Command and 17th Director of the National Security Agency
    Chloé Messdaghi
    InfoSec expert, Tech activist and Business Insider’s 50 Power Players of Cybersecurity
    Dan Shefet
    Adviser to the Council of Europe on the Internet Ombudsman; Expert in IT, Privacy & European Law
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